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Do you have a tool with intermittent issues? A trigger that doesn’t work? Tools light up but don’t run? or is it completely dead?

We understand that tools can sometimes develop various issues, ranging from intermittent faults to complete failure. Rest assured, our tool recycling program welcomes all types of faulty or broken tools, regardless of the specific problem they have.

If you have a tool with intermittent issues, such as a trigger that doesn’t work consistently, we encourage you to bring it to our store or send it to us. Our experienced technicians will assess the tool and determine the best course of action. In some cases, a simple repair may be possible, restoring the tool to full functionality.

Similarly, if you have tools that light up but don’t run, our experts will carefully inspect and diagnose the problem. It could be a minor electrical issue, a faulty component, or a more complex internal problem. We will make every effort to repair the tool and give it a new lease on life.

Even if your tool is completely dead and shows no signs of activity, we still welcome it for recycling. Our team will disassemble the tool and responsibly recycle its components. Through proper recycling, we can recover valuable materials and reduce the environmental impact of discarded tools.

Remember, our goal is to divert as many tools as possible from ending up in landfills. Whether your tool has intermittent issues, a non-functional trigger, or is completely dead, we encourage you to bring it to us. By doing so, you actively participate in our efforts to promote sustainability and protect the environment.

We would be happy to get your tool back to 100% or if you prefer to simply get rid of it then check out our tool recycling scheme here

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