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Panasonic EY0L82-B31 18V Lithium-ion Battery Charger for Cordless Tools (10.8V-14.4V-18V-28.8V)


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Panasonic EY0L82 Charger (10.8v-28.8v Li-ion)

This Panasonic EY0L82 Li-ion battery charger for cordless power tools is suitable for charging all types of Panasonic Lithium batteries between 10.8v and 28.8v. This includes 14.4v18v and the latest dual-voltage 14.4v/18v Panasonic batteries.

This “Quick Charger” has a charging time between 15-90 minutes, depending on the specific battery voltage and capacity. An LED display allows you to monitor the operational status of the charger and the charge state of the battery.

Panasonic use an individual battery cell monitoring system in their Lithium-ion batteries which enables quicker charging and longer battery lifetimes, allowing you to get the most out of your Panasonic cordless tools!

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