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Makita 40v MAX XGT Impact Driver TD002GZ Tool Only (Japan Import)


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Introducing a rechargeable impact driver that combines the fastest tightening and ease of use in Makita’s history in the 40Vmax series!

Equipped with DST (Dual Spring Technology) that achieves both quick start and strong hitting with two springs with different hardness. Tightening speed has increased while reducing come-out. Furthermore, it realizes tightening with low recoil and low vibration.

Due to the synergistic effect of the fastest mode (maximum number of hits 4,600min-1) and DST, the tightening speed has improved by about 25% (Merapi, Ø9 × 90mm when tightening the coach screw).

In addition, if you use the communication adapter ADP11 (sold separately), you can customize all modes of impact (4 steps of striking mode & 6 modes of ease), LED lights, and reduction of stud screw damage with the smartphone app. Depending on the situation, more stable work can be performed on various screws and parts.

In addition, a double ball bearing is used to achieve the industry’s smallest bit runout “Zero Blur” (in a domestic rechargeable impact driver, according to our research as of January 2022), a light mode that can be used as an LED light, and a smooth mounting and firm holding of the bit. Full of easy-to-use functions such as new one-touch bit installation and easy 6 modes to assist a wide range of work.
Equipped with 4 LEDs, the tip can be seen clearly, and the front placement improves cornering performance.

A camouflage grain design is used for a part of the body!
In addition, the dustproof / waterproof protection grade that protects the unit from dust and rain is IP56.
The communication adapter ADP11 (sold separately) can also be stored in the plastic case (dustproof / waterproof protection class IP65).


  • TD002GZ main unit only / battery / charger / case sold separately
  • Maximum tightening torque 220N ・ m
  • Weight 1.6kg (when BL4025 is installed)
  • 1 Charging work amount (approximate)
  • Hardware screw Ø6.0 × 120mm Approx. 150
  • Wood screws Ø5.4 × 90mm Approximately 460
  • Screws and bolts M8 x 16 mm Approximately 4,100
  • Communication adapter ADP11

IMPORTED – 5 – 7 days on back orders

Price is for single unit

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 14 cm





Blue, Black, Olive, Purple, Yellow


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