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Thanks to the extendable stabilisation bar, this is a versatile, precise cutting device that prevents the blade being accidentally broken or bent.  As such, this reduces the risk of accidents when exerting pressure on the blade.

Fitting comfortable in the hand, this knife includes a tension-resistant blade lock and blade locking pin made from hardened steel.  The robust magnesium housing has non-slip gripping handles.. The flat, ergonomic slides separately for blade and stabilization bar, no accidental activation of the slides

Suitable for standard 18 mm blade types: smooth, curved and with hooks, there is a secure compartment in the handle to store two spare blades.

The knife can be attached to the Knipex Tethered Tool System.


  • Versatile, precise, and faster cutting
  • Exert targeted pressure on the back of the blade without risk of injury
  • Robust, durable magnesium housing
  • Suitable for standard 18 mm blade types

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